Manorial court and view of frankpledge

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The three pays: Soar valley; Charnwood; wolds

The manorial court was held every three weeks on a Tuesday (although occasionally more frequently, and occasionally on a Wednesday, it seems, perhaps when significant feast days or holy days occurred on the Tuesday); the view of frankpledge was convened twice a year, around Easter or Hockday (the second Tuesday after Easter) and around Michaelmas, but often a week or so later. The court was limited to actions for amounts below 40s. The cases (placita - pleas) comprised mainly the personal actions of debt/detinue and trespass, with a few concerning covenant (loosely, contract in the sense of an agreement). Unfortunately, the condition of the membranes is not always good, so there are some lacunae. [...] usually reflects a missing word or two because of tears or rubbing in the ms.
[... ...] indicates a number of words missing either through tears or illegibility through rubbing and fading of the ms.
Quite often, there is a full transcription, but mostly translated note forms. The salient details of all cases are, nonetheless, provided. The numbers in square parenthesis [] are editorial interpolations.

In translations, the following apply here: debitum = debt; detencio = detinue; licencia concordandi = permission to agree; transgressio = trespass; convencio = covenant; for inquisicio, inquisition has sometimes been retained, although jury might be a better translation.

K= Knightthorpe (in the parish of Loughborough)
S= Shelthorpe ['Serlethorpe'] (in the parish of Loughborough)

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